How to Order

Step 1: Select the shape and the size of the plaque your want by clicking of the corresponding image.

Step 2: The plaque you selected is displayed.

  • Upload your photo: Click on ‘Browse’ button to locate the image on your computer. A dialog box will open and let you choose a file that contains the photo for the plaque. Upload the file by clicking "Open".
  • C hoose color. We can make plaque from the Original image, make plaque in Black and White, or make plaque in Sepia color.
  • Optional Caption. The length of text depends on the size of the plaque you selected. We will contact you if the caption is too long for your plaque.
  • Additional instructions: use this field to type any special instructions for us.
  • Click on ‘ADD TO CART’ button.

Step 3: You will be presented with several screens to complete your order. Proceed to Checkout and follow instructions to pay for your purchase with a credit card or PayPal.

Note: Upon receipt of your order, we will email you a rendering showing what your picture will look like on the plaque you have selected. Once you approve the rendering, we will manufacture and ship your order within 10 business days.

Please note that the colors of the final product may be different due to process of firing in a kiln.