How to Install

Installation without Metal Frame

Please follow the steps below for proper installation of your photo memorial plaque:

1. Use alcohol or Windex to clean the intended spot.

2. Mark with a masking tape or a pencil the exact spot where the plaque will be installed.

3. Place the plaque in the spot you have marked to be sure your markings are exact.

There two way to install your plaque.

Using Silicone

This is the prefered way. Most plaques are not flat on the back. So silicone would provide the best adhesion. It is also easier to install since it doesn't set immediately.

1. Apply a small amount of silicone on the back of you plaque.

2. Place your plaque within your marking tape and press it in place.

3. Place blue masking tape over the plaque to keep it in place for at least 30 min until silicone hardens.

4. Use silicone caulking to seal the space between your plaque and surface where it is mounted. It will also make the overall installation look better. Make sure that you use the best and long lasting caulking available.

Here is a one of the silicone sealers that can be purchased at any number of home improvement stores or online.

Using 3M tape

We will install 3M doublesided tape free of charge. Let us know when placing your order, if you prefer to have the tape installed as on the example below.

1. Remove the back of the tape and carefully place your plaque within marking tape and press it in place. Once you press it in place you will not be able to move it.

2. This step is optional. Use white silicone cauking to seal the place between your plaque and the surface where it is mounted. It will make the overall installation look better.


Installation with Metal Frame

Installation with metal frame is different from just a plaque installation. For expediency and convinience we recommend using epoxy putty like the one shown here. You can purchase it at any home improvement store or online.

Step 1.

Mark the surface with the blue tape so you can position the plaque exactly where you want to once the epoxy is applied on the back.

Step 2.

Take the epoxy out of the package and mix it until the color becomes completely uniform. Don't worry you have 30 minutes before it sets and solidifies.

Step 3.

Place your plaque face down into the frame. Don't worry about lining it up to the edge now. In the next step you will be able to adjust its position.

Step 4.

Take themixed epoxy putty and put it on the back of the plaque and fill the space between the plaque and the frame so there all the empty space is filled with the putty. Some will come out in the front, which you will remove once the plaque is in place.

Step 5.

Press the plaque in place with some force to displace extra putty. This will create very tight seal on the back. Use a little of clear silicone in the front between the plaque and the metal frame to make sure that moisture will not be getting inside. You can also apply the same silicone arount the frame to seal any opening. Place blue tape over the plaque until the epoxy sets.